About us

Discover the Story Behind Mantittude: Empowering Men Through Skincare

Greeshma, an experienced brand management professional, recognized a gap in the market for skincare products tailored specifically to the unique needs of Indian men. It all started when her husband encountered unexpected skin issues, prompting her to dive deep into research, consult with dermatologists, and conduct usability tests. Through this journey, she discovered the distinct requirements of men's skin and recognized the importance of addressing them. As a seasoned marketer, Greeshma understands that healthy skin is not just about appearances; it reflects overall well-being and self-confidence. With a single glance, one's skin can communicate so much about their ability and self-assurance.

This insight drove Greeshma to create Mantittude, a meticulously crafted skincare brand that focuses on delivering tangible benefits. Our mission is to make it effortless for Indian men to both look and feel their best every day. That's why our products are exclusively designed for men, considering their unique needs. Through careful formulation and cutting-edge ingredients, we strive to provide effective solutions that address specific concerns while ensuring a simple and enjoyable skincare routine.

At Mantittude, our tagline "Fresh, Fierce, Flawless" embodies our core philosophy. We believe in approaching men's skincare with a fresh perspective, constantly challenging the norm. The term "Fierce" represents our unwavering determination and commitment to excellence. “Flawless’ as while we take pride in our accomplishments, we also recognize the importance of continuous improvement. We are dedicated to constantly refining and enhancing the skincare solutions we offer to men.

Specially Created Skincare Solutions for Men

Daily Essentials:
Start of the day decides how you feel throughout the day. Our lightweight products are designed to provide freshness, hydration, and protection without any greasiness for you to start the day confident that you are looking good.

Night Revive:
A good night’s sleep is the best skincare routine! Add a bit of Mantittude, and you have a district advantage. We have made sure that the night skincare products are fragrance free, anti-inflammatory, and lightweight, so your skin can get the most out of the ingredients without any irritation.

Weekly Restore:
Weekly Scrub and Mask are perfect for the busy man. Specially chosen for their skin-enhancing benefits, the ingredients will work to reveal the fresh, new you - ready and raring to take anything and everything head-on. The earthy, soothing fragrances enhance the experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Your One-Stop Skincare Shop
At Mantittude, we understand the unique skincare needs of Indian men. That's why all our products have been expertly created with the understanding that men's skin requires gentle yet effective care. We take pride in using high-quality ingredients that help address common skin concerns which ail Indian men such as acne, skin darkening, and uneven skin tone. Discover the power of Mantittude and experience the difference it can make when you take care of your skin. Because we at Mantittude believe that every Indian man deserves to look and feel their absolute best.